Who are we?

Founded 1995.

Designer Ivona R. Matica and Robert Radulović own and operate the very successful and well-known Buža Project jewelry boutique-gallery in Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivona’s jewelry designs and creations are inspired by history, nature, poetry, myth, the rustic elements of the Croatian coast. Her timeless handcraft pieces are products of strong and unfailing imagination.

Intuition for beauty, harmony, materials and colors, results exceptional, extraordinary designed jewelry that invites the eye to view each piece as a work of art. Ivona's fascination with and deft use of natural stones, minerals, shells, pearls, coral, designed silver and authentic antiques elements create pieces of mesmerizing beauty. Buža has an international following. Our clients return to our gallery to discover the uncommon and to collect our timeless creations.


Galerija Buža

phone: (+385)20 696 351
GSM(1): (+385)99 326 25 25
GSM(2): (+385)92 33 888 11

Maksimirska 37
10000 Zagreb Croatia

Lučarica 2
20000 Dubrovnik Croatia

Sv. Josipa 12
20000 Dubrovnik Croatia